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Inventico Creative, formerly known as Iria Techies is a company specializing in providing business aligned, data driven solutions for the Life Science industry (pharmaceuticals, biotech, CRO, healthcare & MedTech). We help businesses, researchers and the leadership in better decision making for their customers and within their organization with a complete 360° understanding of their data. 

Over the past many years, we have worked with startups as well as large companies in the pharma, clinical research, genomics and biotech space. Our innovation lab is constantly working with industry veterans and business leaders of these industries to study and build solutions to address upcoming challenges coming over the horizon.

Data driven digital transformation using emerging tech like AI, big data, API and cloud is our only core expertise. Our innovation consulting model help companies transition from BI to AI to get better business, operational efficiency, customer/market insights for better forecasting and planning using data. 

We do that using:

  • CXO/CDO 4.0: Business use case study/Challenge/Product vision -> Strategy -> Roadmap -> Solution - > Technology. 

  • Technology: Business oriented, data driven solutions built using emerging technologies: AI, API, Automation & Cloud. 




We offer business oriented solutions. Technology only comes next!

Top-notch Consulting experience, worked for Fortune 500 Companies like Hewlett-Packard, Unilever, Cummins, SAP India, Dole, Capita, Legend, PepsiCo, Tesco, Yahoo, Nike, BNP Paribas, HDFC, PLA, Takada, PWC, KPMG,BT, McKinsey, MC Group, SHFL, Pernod Ricard.

CoE & Innovation Lab leading to shorter delivery cycle and 100% success

5 times CTO & CIO India awarded

100+ complex projects implemented successfully.

Solutions keeping in mind tomorrow's challenges facing the industry.

Worked with global clients USA, Canada, UK, India, France, Germany, Dubai, Singapore, Japan & Australia.

Comprehensive practitioner collections consisting of research, best practices, industry practices, leading practices, reusable standards


We have a Center of Excellence (CoE) and Digital Innovation Labs based out of Singapore and India in the following domains:

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Analytics

  • Automation

  • Anywhere (Cloud)

  • API

Our goal is to constantly be on the look-out for new emerging challenges that will be facing the industry. To address them in a fast-changing business environment, we built our Digital Labs which is our Center of Excellence (Data transformation) working on solutions built around emerging technologies.

Our team of experienced researchers and technology innovators with decades of experience in Pharma, Biotech and Healthcare are working with industry veterans, thought leaders working on new challenges/business use cases and coming up with solution frameworks so that should the need arise, we are always ready without the need of time to study the issue when it impacts an organization. Our product portfolio reflects this thought process.

Frameworks/solutions using the above being developed in the following areas for consulting:

  • Drug discovery

  • Clinical research

  • Genomics

  • AI assisted digital pathology

  • AI for Healthcare & MedTech

Our Product (currently under development): 

We are developing our own solution mentioned below and the same is already being mapped for collaboration with our partner as well as leading pharma and biotech companies in India, Europe and the U.S. It encompasses all the pillars of the ecosystem (process, data, technology, product, patient, infrastructure, market).

Drug discovery data and AI platform

Watch this space for more news soon!



Some of the business use cases handled: CDO 4.0 Innovation Based Management & Technology Consulting

Inventico has subject matter , domain and technical expertise in the pharma, genomics and healthcare industry. Over the past many years, we have been addressing critical business use cases for companies through a complete understanding of their data. An overview of some of the use cases we have handled in the past:​

  • CFO 4.0 data driven AI advisory solutions for Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Japan: Financial Planning and forecasting, budgeting and portfolio management.

  • IDMP, compliance & regulatory: Process and data driven AI framework, solution as well as consulting for pharma (Functional, design as well as technical consulting) for a couple of pharma companies based in North America.

  • Global cancer data and AI platform for a global cancer research institute: Data engineering (drug research, patient, researchers profile and data) and integration spread across different countries and research sites. Data mapping, validation, automation using RPA, NLP and AI advisory. Benefits of this platform included ease of process complexities, real time feedback and made collaborations real easy between research labs spread across the globe.

  • Customer/market real time data insights and AI advisory platform for CXOs: Built using event driven architecture.

  • SOP optimization using process and data driven solutions for different use cases (supply chain, distribution, etc.).

  • mHealthcare data and AI framework: Designed for retinal scans for glaucoma detection.

  • Data platform with deep learning models: Genomics & CBD industry (Farm to pharmacy) platforms.

  • CRO marketplace: Platform currently in development for a couple of reputed CRO players in the North American region.

  • Clinical research AI platform: Currently exploring two business use cases related to clinical research and drug discovery on simplifying research, compliance and process complexities.

  • Breast cancer detection using AI: 2D, 3D imagery collation, detection, scan and analysis using deep learning models for a US based startup.



Client Data Protection & Privacy Policy

We have worked with many reputed pharma clients across the globe on sensitive projects with complete success. Data protection and privacy is of utmost importance to us while working with our clients and hence we want to clear some myths regarding working with offshore companies like us. We have set strict protocols for the same:

Solution Development Phase

We do not access your confidential data. There is no need for it.

While analyzing the business use case/challenge, we understand your data/IT landscape working with your in-house CTO/CIO/IT head. We get a clear idea of your business environment and ecosystem.

Solution Deployment Phase

If you want us to integrate/deploy the solution on your IT systems, we do it in the presence/supervision of your personnel. We insist on your personnel being present during this time. We also train and support your IT teams to deploy and maintain it.


Working together towards our goal!

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Myer Research prides itself in having built a strong and reputable research and development ecosystem of partner companies with many years of experience creating solutions for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Their founding partner, Rey Magaña, has over 30 years of experience designing, executing and managing hundreds of preclinical trials. Together with our preferred partner, Inventico Creative, Myer Research can support the development of new Software as a Medical Device products or ancillary software and algorithms, plus any of the necessary technical audits and SOPs required by US, European and Mexican regulatory agencies.



As one of the different CRO collaborators of Inventico Creative, executive director of DROX Health Science have successfully executed hundreds of clinical trials in Mexico for global medical device and pharmaceuticals. They provide a wealth of knowledge in designing clinical trials that validate the decision-making strategies of AI based algorithms and can support market penetration in Mexico and Latin America.



Azeta Pharma is our partner for international business development in the pharmaceuticals and healthcare industry for the global markets. They help promote and represent manufacturers of ingredients and finished products globally. They also provide shared regulatory services, quality and product development. They provide scouting for business opportunities in areas of co-product development and marketing rights.




We’re happy to hear from you. Contact us today to learn more about our business and how you can benefit from working with us.


Inventico Creative, LLP

259, 2nd Floor, Stage 1, Indiranagar, Bangalore - 560038, State of Karnataka





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